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Aging Nuclear Power plants in the United States are making the procurement of obsolete plant equipment more and more difficult, costly, and time consuming.

DS USA, Inc.’s approach is simple, cost effective, and practical for those plants with limited resources that do not have the time to allocate for evaluating obsolescence which may impact plant operation. Our Approach is summarized in the following few steps:

blt Have your plant issue us a Service Purchase Order for only $ 4,000.00 per obsolete ITEM/COMPONENT that you feel we can help you with.
blt For the obsolete ITEM/COMPONENT that you wish for us to evaluate, please provide us with any design data, qualification requirements (such as seismic, environmental, … etc), and any drawing you may have on the subject defined obsolete plant equipment. Also please provide us with what you have in terms of Name Plate Data, Short Description, Part No., Style No., Model No., Serial No., OEM, OES, Ratings, Schematic and/or Wiring Diagram, and End Use Application(s), as applicable.
blt For the allocated $ 4,000.00 pre-approved funding and within ONLY 20 working days, we will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed Prepared and Approved Engineering & Procurement Assessment Report (EPAR) that documents our investigation and will provide you and your staff with all, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Scope
  2. Purpose
  3. References
  4. Obsolescence Solutions and Options Evaluated.

    These are as follow based on most viability and practicality:
    1. Surplus Markets Option
    2. Special Manufacturing Run Option
    3. Refurbishment Option
    4. Cannibalization Option
    5. Substitution Option
    6. Reverse Engineering Option
    7. Design Change Option
  5. Recommendation: This will include your Procurement
    Technical and Quality Requirements, Qualification Requirements, and Installation Requirements, as applicable.
  6. Supporting Documentation Attachment: Will include
    copies of all supporting documentation obtained during the investigation.

We Offer A Viable Solution to an Ever Growing Problem. SIMPLE … TIMELY … COMPLETED AT OUR HOME OFFICE. Only $ 4,000.00 and 20 Working Days later … You will have your "documented" answers and a solid recommendation on what your TRUE OPTIONS ARE?


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